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Omelet with donuts

Omelet with donuts

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Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Omelet with donuts:

I used vinegar donuts. So, first we take them out of the vinegar, wash them with water and let them drain. Peel an onion, cut it into pieces and add it to the pan. Cut the bacon pieces and add them over the onion and heat them a little in oil. Add well beaten eggs. Let them cook together and almost at the end we add finely chopped peppers and spices. Let the peppers heat up a bit and add salt.

Vinegar donuts (cold)

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I'm very glad! Thank you for visiting, I am waiting for you another time

How long can we eat the first donuts? :)

I put it too..but yes, I didn't find it at the Romanian store in my city..I hope it keeps up..Thank you for the recipes !! Everything is easier with you!

I like your recipe and I would like to know if you can put cauliflower between the pieces of donuts. Thank you

Hi, Luminita. Of course you can also put cauliflower bouquets. You soak it together with the donuts.

It's a recipe I've been making for about four years, I haven't used celery with leaves or allspice, but I'll try.
Beautiful summer!

Hi. Celery leaves and allspice give a pleasant aroma to donuts. All the best to you and thank you for your visit and comment!

every year I use the recipe for 6 kg. donut pulp.
- 1/4 or 1/2 sliced ​​donut
- salt 4-5 tablespoons depending on the size of the blade
- 500 gr.zahar
- 1 liter of vinegar
- spices to taste, coriander, garlic, bay leaf, pepper, celery leaves, horseradish
- mix everything and pour over the donut cock in a bowl the patties and you can mix them.
- after 12 -14 hours, the pulp is softened and then placed in the jar as far as it goes up to the level of the neck that forms the neck of the jar.
Cover with the leftover juice, place over a celery leaf or a cut stem that has a higher content of celery taste, screw the lid on.
Sitting in the pantry and in a week you can enjoy your work with pleasure.
I leave you well

Good morning! Thanks, good day!

Explain what yenibaxar is?

Hi. allspice is a spice. It can be found in almost all grocery stores

I'm afraid my juice won't run out, and I'd like to put a 5-liter can in it, does it have anything if I open it when I need it?

Hi. The juice should arrive, even stay. Yes, they can be put in the can as long as the can closes perfectly.

Eggless omelet with chickpea flour

An original recipe, maybe a little strange for some, but it aroused a lot of interest in me and it is very, very good!

Be careful, when pouring the composition to make it into a cake shape with a diameter of 26 centimeters or rectangular somewhat wide to bake well.

100 gr chickpea flour
100 gr of water
1 onion
1 carrot
1 small zucchini
salt and oil.

Mix chickpea flour in a bowl with enough water to become a cream and not form lumps, like pancakes. Cook the finely chopped onion in a little oil, add salt, add the carrot and finely chopped zucchini, then pour a little water (a small cup) over the vegetables to soften, leave for a few minutes until the water disappears completely, then add them to the composition. naut. Mix everything, adjust the salt if necessary and prepare a form in which we put the baking paper, pour the composition and put it in the oven for 1h10min at 180 °, until our omelet is ready. That's it!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sarmalute in beef sheets!

Do you have a craving for Sarmalute in beef sheets and you don't know how to prepare it? Below we present the recipe you need for Sarmalute in beef leaves, a culinary recipe for Food, appreciated and delicious that we suggest you try.

- pork and beef & # 8211 500 or 600 grams
- A big onion
- a cup of rice (125-130 grams)
- an egg
- salt
- pepper
- vine leaves
- green dill
- tomato paste
- sour cream or yogurt

Pass the meat cut into small pieces through the mincer. Add pepper (to taste) and salt (a grated teaspoon) and mix well.

Finely chop the onion. The rice is washed well in several waters. Put the rice and onion over the meat, along with the last water in which the rice was washed
(about half a cup of water). Knead the meat well. Add a raw egg and mix again.

The vine leaves are scalded in salted water until they change color, and then allowed to drain. Then cut the elbows and thicker ribs.

Place the vine leaf in the left palm and place the meat paste very close to the wrist and, implicitly, close to the base of the leaf. The leaf rolls wider, with the right hand, from the wrist of the left hand to the tips of the fingers.

You get a kind of roller (be careful. It should not roll tightly, but WIDER!) Around which the fist of the left hand is closed. With the thumb and with
the index finger on the right hand presses on the ends of the wire in the left hand, so that the wire closes, the part of the leaf at the ends of the stuffing enters inside it and the meat does not come out of the wire during cooking.

The pan in which the sarmales are to be cooked is lined with vine leaves.

The sarmales are arranged circularly in a pan, in successive layers. Sprinkle chopped dill over each layer.

Tomato paste is dissolved in cold water and poured over the sarmale. Before being boiled, the water should cover the stuffing with about 2-3 cm.
Tomato paste can be replaced with chopped tomatoes.

Boil the sarmales for 2 hours on low heat or an hour and a half on medium heat. If the vine leaf is very young, the sarmales are ready even in an hour, from the moment they boil.

Serve with sour cream or yogurt.

Sarmale. in my way !

You have a craving for Sarmale. in My Way, and you don't know how to prepare it? Below we present the recipe you need for Sarmale. in My Way, a food recipe, appreciated and delicious that we suggest you try.

- 1 larger piece of sauerkraut
- 300 gr pork
- 150 gr smoked bacon (to have meat on it)
- 1 large onion
- 10 tablespoons rice (or more if you like)
- 3-4 tablespoons oil
- fresh dill half connection
- 2-3 bay leaves (more if you want)
- rosemary (the top of a branch with 4-5 leaves)
- salt
- pepper
- paprika
- thyme, to taste

The cabbage is washed well, portioned, set aside.

Wash the meat, cut into suitable pieces, grind twice. . . the same is done with smoked bacon and mix the two, add salt, pepper, paprika and thyme, to taste and set aside.

Separately, in a smaller saucepan put the oil, chopped onion and keep on the fire for 2-3 minutes, then add over it, washed rice. You can add about 50 -60 ml of water so that the rice does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Stir constantly, after 4 minutes add the chopped dill and turn off the heat. Allow to cool slightly.

Meanwhile, prepare the pot in which we boil the stuffed cabbage. . . we put chopped cabbage and mice or smoked bacon on its bottom (whoever wants it, it is not obligatory). . .

Now, the rice mixture has cooled a bit and we can mix it with the meat, mix well and start forming the sarmales. We take a cabbage leaf, with a teaspoon we put some meat in the middle of it, then we bring the lateral edges of the leaf towards the middle and we start to roll (from us in the opposite direction). Arrange the sarmales in the pot, side by side, until we cover the bottom of the pan, then we put the bay leaves, the rosemary (pieces of meat are welcome here, for whoever wants) and if you want you can put a little mouse here as well.

Then we move on to the formation of the second layer of sarmale. . . we continue like this until the components are finished. Cover with fidelita cabbage and a sheet of whole cabbage, put water, enough to cover the sarmales about 3 fingers, put in the oven over high heat. . . from time to time check that the water does not fall too much. When we fill it with water, we put it hot so that we don't stop boiling the sarmales too much.

Serve with plenty of sour cream and cornmeal (cornmeal bread). Sometimes I put dill and thyme sticks mixed with a little tarragon between the layers of sarmale, but before putting them, I wrap them in cabbage leaves so that they don't spread among the sarmale. Then, when serving, I toss the flavored sheets with everything.

Donuts stuffed with grapes

Along with a steak, of any kind, the following specialty goes well as a garnish: donuts stuffed with grapes, in sour tomato sauce. My show preparation is not missing on holidays because it is that something colorful, fragrant, fragrant and quick to bring. On top of that, there is room for the gasket!

  • 500g of big, sweet black grapes!
  • 500 g apple cider vinegar,
  • 50 g bee honey (or a cup of sugar)
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • Bay leaves
  • peppercorns
  • 500 g of tomato juice
  • a few bunches of cauliflower to fill in the gaps but also to give color

Put the vinegar with water in equal parts to boil, cook for 2 min. the halves of the donuts are drained and left to cool a little.

Fill to the brim with grapes and then carefully place in wide-mouthed jars. Put the scalded cauliflower bouquets in the same composition. After placing them in jars, pour the sauce, very little cooled!

Over the vinegar boiled with water, put the spices, pepper, bay leaf, tomato juice (or thick broth) and finally salt and honey after I took the sauce off the heat!

After 15 min. pour over the donuts, tie the cellophane after an hour (the donuts may ask for more sauce and then fill and tie very tightly with sackcloth). For maximum safety, a band of scots is passed around!

Just as the cake is the main element of a festive meal, so are my donuts for steaks

Fast and healthy breakfast ideas

If you're the type who skips breakfast to get it back at lunch or even in the evening, you should give up this habit. Try to make time for the most important meal of the day. It is important to eat moderately every time, without forcing your body, because at some point, it may not work as effectively.

If I have given you food for thought and you want to start a new routine, you can be inspired by the following breakfast ideas that we have prepared for you.

Fruit yogurt

It is a very simple combination that you can get in two or three minutes. Choose a low-fat yogurt and your favorite fruits. Wash them, cut them or pass them, as appropriate, and mix them in a bowl. Breakfast is ready to serve. If you want, you can add your favorite nuts or hazelnuts and even a teaspoon of honey for a sweeter taste.

A very simple combination that you can get in two minutes / Shutterstock


There are many breakfast ideas for this healthy and tasty dish. The omelet can be prepared in many ways because it is very versatile, says You can make a simple omelet, with just a little salt for taste.

You can also quickly cook an omelet with various types of cheese or even salmon, for more special occasions. We recommend a recipe ready in no more than ten minutes.

You will need 2 eggs, a little butter or oil and salt. Heat the pan well and melt the butter. It should not be more than ten grams. Beat the eggs very well and add salt to taste. Leave the omelet on each side for two minutes.

The omelet can be prepared in many ways / Shutterstock

I've been trying to make up for my time in the kitchen lately. That's how I made waffles more often.

And playing with all kinds of gluten-free doughs, these fragrant and tasty waffles came out.

Why bananas?

Although they were my favorite fruits as a child, in recent years, more precisely since I adopted a low-carb diet, bananas have come out of the landscape due to the high content of natural sugars.

The other day I saw in the supermarket the smallest bananas you can think of. And being in the hot season, when I eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, I thought that maybe the banana, in the right amount, would give the ideal texture and flavor.

The ideal amount

Just a little banana, (as you will see, I used 50g of banana in 2 servings) in combination with almond flour was enough to give the gluten-free dough a fluffy texture and at the same time a delicious flavor.

Green Sugar (natural sweetener) with vanilla flavor also contributed to the flavor.

And egg white powder has the important role of making the gluten-free dough less moist. And by the way, you can use the trick with egg white powder for any gluten-free dough.

You will definitely love this delicious recipe for banana waffles and yet with a low sugar content.

Donuts in broth sauce


  • 2-3 kg donuts
  • 400 gr broth
  • 300 ml of vinegar
  • 300 gr sugar
  • 300 ml oil
  • Coarse salt
  • Peppercorns
  • Bay leaves.

Method of preparation

The donuts are washed, cleaned of seeds and cut into suitable slices. In a large bowl, mix the oil, vinegar, sugar, broth, salt and the rest of the spices and put everything on the fire until a homogeneous paste is obtained. When the composition reaches boiling point, add the donut slices. Let simmer together for 10 & # 8211 15 minutes.

The donuts in broth sauce are put in clean and sterilized jars beforehand, after which they are hermetically sealed and left to cool naturally until the next day. Store in a cool place.

Donuts in broth

Why it is good to wash strawberries with white vinegar

Strawberries contain more than 10 types of chemicals, and some of them reach 17, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the US nonprofit. Pesticides were found in 40% of the strawberries.

This organization analyzes the fruits with the most pesticides in each, and 98% of the strawberries, peaches, nectarines and apples have been treated with at least one chemical. In addition, the tests were performed after the fruit was washed and cleaned.

To effectively clean strawberries it is good to wash them with water and white vinegar. All you have to do is mix 90% water and 10% white vinegar in a larger bowl and let the fruits and vegetables soak in that solution for at least 20 minutes. After that, rinse them well with cold water, notes Antena3.

After the period in which you left them to soak, you will notice on the bottom of the pot the pesticide residue hidden in fruits and vegetables. This method will get rid of 70% of the residue.

Recipes !!

Do you have a craving for dietary donuts (without salt), and you don't know how to prepare them?

Below we present the recipe you need for Dietary Donuts (without salt), a culinary recipe for Canned and Pickles, appreciated and delicious that we suggest you try.

- 5 kg gogosari
- 100 ml of oil
- 2 liters of water
- 1 liter of wine vinegar (can be even less)
- 200-400 grams of sugar
- 2-3 sachets of preservative
- mustard seeds
- Bay leaves
- a sliced ​​onion

1. The donuts are washed, the stalks are removed and cut into slices or left whole according to everyone's taste.
2. Boil all the above mentioned ingredients. When the water starts to boil, add the donuts, one by one to soften a little.
3. Gently remove with a whisk and place directly in jars. The composition is poured over such hot donuts and the jars are tied well. Cover until the next day to cool slowly.
4. Store the jars cold and you will have donuts until summer.

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