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9 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Kid’s Classroom

9 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Kid’s Classroom

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Cute gifts your child’s classmates will love

Spread the love these Valentine’s Day!

There are people who don't believe in celebrating Valentine's Day. They call it a "Hallmark holiday" and are sure that it is something started by card companies and candy retailers simply to make a profit. But in reality, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to shower those you care about with affection, even if you aren't a firm believer. Cards, candies, chocolates, and flowers are typically doled out to loved ones. And schools and classrooms often celebrate by setting up mailboxes for cards and trinkets or by having fun Valentine's parties.

We've all been there. We've all gotten the cute bi-fold card with our favorite pop-star on the front, offering some cheesy pun. It's sort of a Valentine's Day tradition. But this year, what do you say to upping the ante? Instead of that classic card, take classroom Valentines’ to a new level.

For the classroom having a party, consider sending in lots of fun heart-shaped treats. With a heart-shaped cookie cutter, it couldn't be easier to take any food, even pepperoni, and turn it into an adorable heart.

Think of your favorite classroom treats: Rice Krispie treats, cookies, fruit. Now take a cookie cutter to them and slice out festive hearts. If the classroom is setting up mailboxes for Valentine’s, use your creativity to whip up some new, fun cards and goodies that stray from the traditional ones we've all seen before. No matter what you choose for your classroom Valentine, remember to keep it cute, whimsical and loving. That's what Valentine's Day is about, right?

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