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Smoked bean bag

Smoked bean bag

We boil the pieces of pork leg and rib in 1 1/2 l. Water (or vegetable soup, if you don't have it you can make it from an onion, a carrot, 2 potatoes, the green part from the leek; what vegetables do you have? through the fridge; gives a very good taste to the food) for an hour, an hour and a half (until the meat comes off the bone),

We cut the sausages and fry them a little, we chop the vegetables finely, we take the beans out of the jar and we pass it well through the cold water jet, we heat the borscht. Remove the meat from the water on a plate; we take it with a greasy spoon that has risen on top (if you like it you can leave it, I don't really like it). Put the vegetables and let them boil for 5 minutes; add the beans, sausages, meat (without bones), ribs, borscht (boiling), broth and leave for another 5 minutes, add the pepper, paprika, delicacy and taste the salt (season to taste),

Turn off the heat and then add the parsley, dill, larch, cover and let stand 10 minutes,

Very good and tasty,

Smoked Bean Bag - Recipes

Bean borscht: Boil the beans in a pot with onion, parsley, thyme and so on. a. and, when they have boiled well, to crush them easily between the fingers, salt is added. If there are many beans in the pot, take them out and leave them in the pot according to the housewife's taste - rarer or more often. Pour over borscht beans, matching sour and leave to boil for a few more minutes. Those who do not suffer from the Perished, put black or red borscht in the borscht, leaving it even more sour. Whoever has it, put in it onion cake with oil or oil. When it is ready, put it in a bowl, let it cool a bit and then give it to the table. Bean borscht is fasting food and, cold, it is very good to eat with hot polenta and especially fried.

Bean borscht -Not all housewives know how to boil beans, either sweet or for borscht. They are boiled like this: put the pot of water on the fire and leave it until it melts, during which time the housewife chooses the beans. Then put the beans in a bowl, put hot water on them and wash them, putting them in the pot. When the beans have swelled, drain them from that water, fill them with cold water as much as it contains and put them on the fire. When they start to boil, cut the onions and greens into them and let them boil”.

Borscht with beans: In Vaslui county, after the beans have been boiled as shown above, when they are boiling, put borscht in a pot. When it starts to boil, put the boiled beans in the borscht pot, season them often, add the thyme, salt and cake - that is, the onion fried in oil or oil - and the dishes are ready after boiling for a while.

Smoked bean stew

Put the beans to boil with enough water to pass through it (about 3 fingers) - add more hot water if it drops very hard.

While the beans are boiling, cook the onion with smoking (kaiser, bacon, sausage).

Mix onion + smoked with beans, put a tablespoon of broth, bay leaves, if necessary, add water and. in the oven, where it will stay for about 1 hour.

Smoked bean stew

Put the beans to boil with enough water to pass through it (about 3 fingers) - add more hot water

Smoked red bean stew

The beans are soaked in cold water a few hours before, then washed, picked and put

Smoked Beans - As of December 1st

We inflate the beans in cold water, we throw all the floating beans from the beginning (they were attacked by beetles).
I let the beans swell yesterday from noon until this morning at 6 changing the water once last night.

I boiled the beans together with the meat in cold water, after 30 minutes on a very low heat I threw the water and I rinsed the beans and the meat. Always with hot water!

I boiled the water again and when it was hot I added the beans, the meat and the bay leaves, if the meat you use is not very salty like the one I used then add salt. I let it boil on a very low heat until the beans were ready.

I threw the water again, but this operation is not mandatory, you can use the water in which the beans boiled.

I put the chopped onion in the pan together with the sliced ​​carrots, the oil and a little salt. When the onion softened, I added the beans and the boiled meat, the boiled water from a pan that boiled on the next fire or even the water in which the beans boiled, the tomato concentrate and the sweet paprika mixed in a polish with hot water.
Bring to a boil until the carrots are cooked through.

Add thyme and tarragon, salt if needed and pepper when everything is ready.
Turn off the heat and let it cool a little before serving.

Ideally, serve it to taste with red onions or hot peppers. Whoever wants can add a tablespoon of sour cream to the plate.

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