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Pig alms

Pig alms

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Let's start with the beginning, that is, the men stabbed the pig, they talked about it. After it was blackened, I covered the pig and hop on it, I, as I am more zurlie, I tenderized the meat ..... While the men were talking about the pig I prepared some sausages, I bought meat, as it is never the meat from a pig is also enough for sausages. I shared this pig half with Leo, my sister no.2. On Tuesday, the mother is going to cut the pig, another alms, so .... No more talking, let's go directly to the alms of the pig ..

In a tuci I melted the lard and made jumari, then I fried pieces of meat, some more breaded, others lean, I fried and fresh sausage. I slammed a polenta, some pickles and cabbage juice with onion, wine and brandy and I ate in honor of the slaughtered pig, as required, this is the tradition .....

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