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10 Ways to Be the Best-Ever Wedding Guest Slideshow

10 Ways to Be the Best-Ever Wedding Guest Slideshow

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10 Ways to Be the Best-Ever Wedding Guest


So you’ve been invited to a wedding. Congratulations! You’re in for a fun evening filled with love, drinks, food, and dancing. If this wedding is for someone very close to you, you don’t want to just be an average guest (or — eek! — a bad guest). You want to be an incredible, best-ever type of guest. But, how do you make that happen?

RSVP Early


No couple likes to hunt down their guests just weeks before their wedding to see whether or not they’ll be coming. As soon as you know whether or not you’ll be attending, mail back your response card. Everything at a wedding from the seat arrangements to the dinner menu depends on numbers, so giving a prompt response is key.

Don’t Assume You Have a Plus One


There’s nothing more rude as a wedding guest than to bring an uninvited plus one. If your invitation is addressed to just you, that means there’s probably no room at the venue for your date. So, adding a second person to your RSVP or, god forbid, just showing up with someone else is a definite no-no. Also, never assume your children are invited to the wedding. If your whole family is invited along, the invite will read “The Johnson Family” or “Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Family.”

Plan Your Outfit Around the Dress Code and Wedding Colors

Weddings are one of the few remaining formal events, though not every event is black tie. Plan your own outfit in accordance with the wedding’s time of day, space, and theme. If you’re going to a brunch wedding in the spring, a pastel cocktail dress is appropriate. But, if you’re going to an evening wedding at a ritzy venue, expect to wear formal gowns. Additionally, before the wedding, ask for the colors. If the bridesmaids will be wearing light blue, you don’t want to show up in the same color. And, for the love of god, please don’t wear white.

Buy a Gift… and Send It Ahead of Time


There’s a common etiquette belief that you have up to a year to send a wedding gift, though that’s not necessarily true. The best wedding guests actually send their gifts to the happy couple ahead of time. That way, their new belongings are already at their home and the newlyweds don’t have to worry about hauling things home or presents getting plucked right off the gift table.

Arrive on Time


Wedding ceremonies are on a tight schedule, so when the invitation says 5:30 p.m., it’s really meant. There’s nothing more awkward than getting to a wedding, seeing the ceremony is already underway, and then having to stand slightly off to the side. So, arrive on time. Even better: Arrive a little early.

Please Don’t Photograph the Ceremony

We know, everyone has a cell phone in their hand at all times these days, but the engaged couple spent a lot of money on a professional photographer. So during the ceremony, keep your phone in your pocket or purse and just be in the moment. You don’t need to be sharing someone else’s special moments on your Instagram.

Congratulate the Couple… Briefly

During the wedding reception, the couple will walk around and greet their guests. Say “congratulations,” have a brief and happy conversation about the ceremony, and then allow them to move on. The couple has a lot of people to talk to; don’t hog all their time, no matter how much you may love them.

Be an Active Participant


Nobody likes a wallflower. If the bride is tossing the bouquet and you’re a single lady, get in line to grab those flowers. If every married couple is called to the floor for a dance and you’ve got a ring on your finger, strap on your dancing shoes. Dance, talk, eat, and enjoy your time so everyone remembers the wedding as a fun, active evening.

Enjoy Yourself... But Don’t Get Drunk


Everyone loves an open bar, believe us, but know your limitations. You don’t want to be that guest who’s slurring their speech, breaking out embarrassing anecdotes about the happy couple, or vomiting. And, please, tip your bartenders. Oftentimes, gratuity is not included in an open bar.

Be Mindful of the Venue

Unless you’re attending a backyard wedding, the couple has just rented their venue and put down a safety deposit. So please take care of the things around you. Don’t break chairs, don’t bust through windows, don’t enter the bridal suite unless you’re in the wedding party, and remember to be kind to the staff.

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