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The Daily Dish: Pope Francis Threw a Giant Pizza Party for 1,500 Homeless People

The Daily Dish: Pope Francis Threw a Giant Pizza Party for 1,500 Homeless People

Pope Francis Threw a Giant Pizza Party for 1,500 Homeless People

In honor of Mother Teresa’s canonization on Sept. 4, Pope Francis celebrated in a style that the now Saint Teresa would certainly approve of: by providing food to the less fortunate. The pontiff arranged to give out Neapolitan pizza to 1,500 homeless people in Rome. Some 20 pizza-makers and 250 nuns volunteered to help give out the pies to the Pope’s guests.

Man Tries to Win Woman’s Heart With 999 Pomelos

A young man in Guangzhou, China, who had been pining after one of his female friends decided to make a grand, romantic, and very public gesture in the form of 999 pomelos, her favorite fruit. He arranged them into the shape of a giant heart in the middle of a crowded shopping center, and when she showed up, he presented her with a bunch of heart-shaped balloons and a bouquet of roses, and performed a song he had written for her in front of hundreds of people, in the hopes that the woman would agree to be his girlfriend. She was overwhelmed by the huge display — and then said no. The crowd quickly grabbed all the fruit.

Want to Order Gluten-Free? You’ll Have to Provide a Doctor’s Note at This Controversial Café

The White Moose Café in Dublin has come under fire for its tirade against gluten-free customers. Following one girl’s request for gluten-free pancakes, the café posted a pretty aggressive note on its Facebook page demanding customers who request gluten-free food to provide a doctor’s note attesting to their gluten sensitivity. The Facebook note has since received more than 11,000 comments that range from amused to outraged. The White Moose has not backed down under the onslaught of criticism.

Lab-Grown Meat Will Soon Be Rebranded as ‘Clean Food’

Meatless meat is about to undergo a serious rebrand. Scientists are aware that lab-grown meat sounds a little too much like a scary Frankenfood, so The Good Food Institute is looking to rebrand the food of the future as “clean food” instead. According to its lobbyists, clean food focuses more on the “ethos behind their products, rather than the actual processes,” which would presumably better appeal to the wider public.

Burger King Is Throwing Doritos on a Burger Because Why Not?

Select Burger King locations in Spain are topping steakhouse burgers with a handful of crunchy Doritos. The limited-time offering will only be available until Nov. 21. If it does well in Spain, the Burger King Doritos steakhouse burger could be introduced in the U.S. As strange as the mashup seems, clearly Burger King is doing something right, as it is one of the few fast-food brands whose sales have not been sluggish as of late, with same-store sales increasing 4.2 percent in the first quarter of this year.