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Jersey Shore's Vinny Starring in Food Talk Show

Jersey Shore's Vinny Starring in Food Talk Show

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Apparently Vinny 'The Nice One' Guadagnino will have a celebrity come over for a meal with his family and be on TV

As Jersey Shore rounds up its final season (we mean, Snooki does have a baby now), the Snooki and JWoww spinoff and The Pauly D Project were obvious ideas. (Or like, a GTL-only reality show, or Snooki and her kid). Turns out, Vinny Guadagnino ("the nice one") will be getting his own show as well, featuring dinner and a guest.

MTV is producing The Show with Vinny, where Guadagnino will host a celebrity in his Staten Island home and treat him or her to a meal with his family, featuring his mother Paula and Uncle Nino. No word on whether Vinny will be trying his hand at cooking with his nonna.

"Celebrities will let their guard down to have a meal and a candid conversation about whatever comes up, complete with lots of commentary from Vinny's peanut gallery of loved ones," MTV told the Chicago Tribune. "No studio or audience; just family, food, and big friggin' stars." Can celebrity sightings be a staple at all big Italian Sunday dinners from now on? Also, can Sophia Grace and Rosie be the first guests?

Recipes Are Here! The Jersey Shore&rsquos Vinny Guadagnino Is Releasing a 'Keto Guido' Cookbook

The Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino is going from reality show star to author with the upcoming release of The Keto Guido Cookbook, which is set to hit stores September 24.

Guadagnino credits his slimmer and toned new look to the low-cab, high-fat Keto Diet and hopes to share his secrets to getting in shape, as well as a collection of ketogenic recipes in his cookbook.

The celebrity tweeted the announcement of his release Thursday, featuring the cover of the new book.

𠇋oom! It’s finally here! Introducing The Keto Guido Cookbook now available for preorder! The keto diet has transformed my life and I’m confident it can do the same for you. Check out 100 of my favorite recipes and a 7-day meal plan,” he wrote.

Guadagnino began referring to himself as the “Keto Guido” on the MTV show and his social media accounts, and eventually started to share his recipes online. After his fans asked him to compile his recipes, The Keto Guide Cookbook came to fruition, according to the description of the book.

This is the author’s first cookbook, however he previously wrote a memoir, Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama and Maintain Inner Cool, in 2012.

Along with recipes like Italian sausage breakfast casserole and zucchini roll manicotti, the author will share his personal stories. A scientific breakdown from ketogenic diet expert and wellness coach Karissa Long will also be included.

Guadagnino returned to MTV in 2018 for the Jersey Shore reboot, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, which is currently airing in its second season.

Recently, he starred along additional Jersey Shore alum DJ Pauly D on MTV’s new dating series A Double Shot of Love.

Gym, Tan, Laundry, Family, Talk Show

It could have been any house on this suburban stretch of Staten Island, with a well-worn basketball hoop outside and a sign out front warning, “Beware of Dog.” But here one wintry February afternoon Vinny Guadagnino, the former “Jersey Shore” star, was pacing from room to room of the home where he grew up, now the site of his new MTV talk show, as he awaited a visit from the pop star Kesha.

“Don’t mess this up for me, please,” Mr. Guadagnino begged his mother, Paola Giaimo, and sisters, Mariann and Antonella Guadagnino, who were sitting in the living room amid a home decorated with various ornaments, crucifixes and a map of Sicily. “Don’t do anything.”

A cameraman followed him to the front porch, where a second cameraman awaited and from where he could see Kesha’s black S.U.V. “She’s here, she’s here, she’s here!” Mr. Guadagnino said, rubbing his hands together with nervous energy.

In an upstairs bedroom that had been converted into a television control room the “Jersey Shore” executive producer SallyAnn Salsano watched him on monitors and called out instructions through a microphone.

“That’s real good work, Vin,” Ms. Salsano told him. “You are cold like Pacino would be cold.”

Minutes later Kesha emerged to give Mr. Guadagnino a gift of organic dog treats and to become the latest guest on “The Show With Vinny,” a new series that will test the skills of its unseasoned host and the boundaries of a post-“Jersey Shore” landscape when it has a sneak preview on Sunday (and a formal premiere on May 2).

Because this is MTV, where no programming can be done in a straightforward way, “The Show” is not quite a reality series nor a talk show. Instead celebrity guests can hang out and do whatever, with Mr. Guadagnino and his relatives in tow.

For Mr. Guadagnino it is an opportunity to pursue a career path he’d dreamed of but never fully expected to follow, with assistance (and occasional interference) from his family members, who have become MTV personalities in their own right.

As Mr. Guadagnino later explained, sitting on his childhood bed with his sisters and mother nearby, “It just works perfectly because they help me out.”

We’re perfect,” Antonella added.

Mr. Guadagnino amended his earlier remark. “It works perfectly,” he said, “because I have someone to yell at.”

The compact but muscular Mr. Guadagnino, 25, was one of the fist-pumping roommates who shot to fame over six seasons of “Jersey Shore.” A conciliatory figure in a setting where strong words (and containers of alcohol) were thrown around, Mr. Guadagnino said he was a gentler person than that show’s reputation suggested.


“I’m not actually that great at partying,” he explained. “I don’t really drink that much. I don’t really act crazy.”

“Jersey Shore,” whose audience peaked at about eight million viewers in 2011, had already spawned two spinoffs, “The Pauly D Project” and “Snooki & JWoww,” before the founding series ended in December.

But a new series about Mr. Guadagnino was “not a show that we were necessarily looking for,” said Chris Linn, MTV’s executive vice president for programming.

The network’s attitude changed, however, when executives saw Mr. Guadagnino host an MTV News special on bullying.

“He was so completely comfortable, managing questions from the audience and throwing to a panel of experts,” Mr. Linn said. “That’s what got us thinking: Is there another use for Vinny?”

Rather than a series chronicling Mr. Guadagnino’s daily life, MTV preferred a format with talk-show elements. So too did Mr. Guadagnino, who admires the quick wit of late-night hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien and found that the constant intrusion of cameras in his life set off anxiety.

On “Jersey Shore,” he explained, “you’re supposed to make-believe the cameras aren’t here, even when they’re watching you sleep.” But “The Show,” he said, “is like ‘Wayne’s World.’ It’s like, ‘Hey, guys, I’m doing this cool show in my house.’ ”

That also allowed MTV to incorporate family members who had become recognizable through appearances on “Jersey Shore”: Vinny’s doting mother, his ingratiating uncle Antonio Giaimo (better known as Uncle Nino) and his sisters.

“They met him 50-50,” Antonella said. “ ‘You give us a little bit of reality, we’ll give you what you really want to do.’ ”

“I think what she’s trying to say — ” Mr. Guadagnino started to explain.

“I’ll say what I’m trying to say,” Antonella interrupted.

A pilot episode of “The Show” with a polite and soft-spoken Lil Wayne set the tone (“I don’t care what your street cred is,” Ms. Salsano explained, “no one is ever rude or standoffish around someone’s mom”) and opened the door to other celebrities, like Mark Wahlberg, Whitney Cummings and ASAP Rocky.

Kesha, who will be featured in her own MTV documentary series, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” played with the family’s dogs, then sat in the living room as Mr. Guadagnino and his relatives quizzed her about some of her unusual exploits.

Was it true, he asked Kesha, fumbling for the right euphemism, that she once had “sexy time with a ghost”?

Kesha said to Ms. Giaimo: “Obviously you know about sexy time. You have a lot of children.”

Throughout the interview Ms. Salsano and her colleagues in the control room fed Mr. Guadagnino bits of information (like details about a cat that Kesha found outside a strip club) or entire lines of dialogue (a joke about his family being “Italian hippies”). Ms. Salsano, who is an executive producer on “The Show,” said afterward that its talk-show nature made such prompting permissible.

“On ‘Jersey Shore,’ ” she said, “we put those kids in a house and we wire the house with cameras. And you just go, ‘Come on, snake eyes.’ ”

Like other chat shows “The Show” holds organizational meetings to prepare for its guests, and Mr. Guadagnino is expected to do his homework. But it will ultimately rise or fall, Ms. Salsano said, on an informal atmosphere that stems from its host and his household.

“Vinny has not been honing these skills since the age of 7,” Ms. Salsano said. “He will be like, ‘Ma, stop cutting their food.’ And the celebrities are like, ‘No, no, no, that’s cool.’ That’s the environment it is.”

A furious exchange of texts and e-mails between producers of “The Show” and Kesha’s on-set handlers shut down a planned segment in which Kesha would try to help persuade Uncle Nino to drink his own urine. (“That was a stand-alone incident,” Ms. Salsano said afterward. “Everyone knows what they’re walking into in advance.”) Instead Kesha agreed to cover Uncle Nino from head to toe in the glitter she keeps in her purse.

Kesha said she related to Mr. Guadagnino as someone who had gone “from nobody in the world of pop culture to somebody that people talk to on the street.”

She added, “I really was not expecting to see a shy guy that loves his family and meditates.”

No matter how many famous guests he encounters, Mr. Guadagnino said, he would never be as comfortable on camera as his relatives. “I’m always nervous to death,” he said. Indicating his mother and sisters, he added, “They, from the beginning, were always cool with the cameras on them.”

Ms. Giaimo said her family was no different from anyone else’s. When the camera crews are gone, “we get to clean up and I make dinner,” she said. “He does his laundry, and he cleans his room.”

But Antonella said that when she reflected on her brother’s success, it could almost stir her to tears.

“I got emotional at one point where I realized: My brother is a superstar,” she said. “And to us, he’s not. He’s just Vinny.”

As a bashful expression crossed his face, Mr. Guadagnino said he was not flattered by this. “I’m like, ‘Shut up,’ ” he said.

Try it before you buy it:

Vinny's bistecca alla fiorentina

Serves: 4 | Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 15 minutes


  • 2 bone-in porterhouse steaks (1-inch thick)
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2-cup white wine
  • 2 rosemary sprigs
  • Lemon wedges, for serving
  1. Preheat the grill to high heat.
  2. Rub the steaks with 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and season them generously with salt and pepper.
  3. In a small bowl, stir together the white wine and the remaining 4 tablespoons of olive oil.
  4. Using the rosemary sprigs as basters, baste the steaks on both sides with the wine mixture.
  5. Grill the steaks, flipping them once, until they&rsquore seared on both sides, 6 to 8 minutes in total (125°F internal temperature) for medium rare.
  6. Serve. Let the steaks rest for 10 minutes, then divide them between four plates, and serve them with lemon wedges.

Tip: Make sure your rosemary sprigs are fresh and have lots of needles on the end to create the perfect flexible marinade mop. Older rosemary sprigs will be stiffer and will impart less flavor to the steaks.

Per serving: 569 calories, 45 g fat, 0 g carbs (0 g net carbs), 0 g fiber, 35 g protein.

Dying for more easy, keto-friendly recipes *and* more of the keto guido? Grab your copy of The Keto Guido Cookbook now .

Paola Giaimo, mother of 'Jersey Shore's' Vinny Guadagnino, cooks up a hot meal for our reporter

Come for the late-night show, stay for the late-night snacks.

Proud mom Paola Giaimo is trading the overnight shift at a Staten Island diner for a gig on MTV's "The Show With Vinny" — the "Jersey Shore" spinoff hosted by her son Vinny Guadagnino.

But she's not hanging up her apron.

After more than two decades serving hungry customers — and her three kids when she wasn't at work — Giaimo is ready to bring her time-tested Italian menu of baked ziti, simmered chicken, broccoli rabe, homemade bread and pizza to a new audience: Celebrities.

While her son interviews stars in his own house (and garage), Giaimo is there to cook and chat with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Lil Wayne, Ke$ha, Jenny McCarthy, Whitney Cummings and, most recently, me.

"They would all say they don't eat on camera, or that they didn't have time, but when the food was on the table, they ate," says Giaimo.

"Especially once they get here and they sit and they realize they are in a home, and Vinny's mom is there cooking."

Vinny's mom was nice enough to cook me up a feast of beer-soaked chicken, a recipe her uncle in Milan taught to her own mother. (The secret is simmering the poultry in the beer for no less than an hour.)

There was a giant bowl of sautéed mushrooms with peas — only frozen peas will do.

"We don't use any canned food," she says, "except for tomatoes."

There was broccoli rabe, Giaimo's own favorite dish. The serving fork was a wedding gift to Giaimo's mother-in-law, but looked no worse for the wear.

Then there was a gratto, a traditional Sicilian potato pie layered with tomato sauce and beef.

It was spectacular — and the most calories I've ever consumed during daylight hours.

It's also impossible to feel anything but immediately at ease in Giaimo's modest kitchen.

This is her domain, where she rules the stove that fuels her family — not to mention the other "Jersey Shore" cast members, who often dined on her homemade food deliveries during taping.

This is her sink, where she has passed countless hours prepping and washing.

This is the worn wooden table in the corner where her kids ate, did homework, and shared their hopes, dreams and fears with mom.

I wanted to tell her my own hopes and dreams, and I didn't know the woman at all.

"If you put anyone around my mom, they become like little kids," Vinny said in a recent interview, and having been around his mom, I can tell you he's right.

Giaimo was planning to give me a private lesson in homestyle Italian cooking, but as luck would have it, the water on her block was turned off for repairs the night before our lunch appointment, so she ended up doing all the cooking at another house nearby, and carrying the food over to heat up on the stove.

So, instead of a crash course in Italian cooking, I got one in Italian eating.

Sure, she could have pretended to cook it at her home, but Giaimo is not a fan of movie magic or television tricks. During one early morning shoot, for instance, the producers offered to bring in some dishes from an Italian restaurant, thinking it was too early to have Giaimo up and preparing a whole meal.

Looking FTD (fresh to death)! Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino proudly revealed the keto diet has changed his life for the better. The MTV alum now has a massive following on his other Instagram account, @ketoguido, which he has been using to document his progress since 2017.

Vinny has achieved incredible results by sticking to the very low-carb, high-fat diet, while working out and incorporating intermittent fasting. After seeing how much his physique improved, the reality star shared some helpful tips, including meal plan ideas and more.

The TV personality, who refers to himself as “New York Time’s Best Selling Stripper,” has continued to inspire others with his dedication to looking and feeling his best. Vinny said that in order to drop the extra weight, he ditched “bread, pasta, sugar, fried food as well as low fat products.” However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy any tasty food while at home or out and about. In fact, Vinny loves to grub on “bacon, full fat cheese, avocados, fatty steak, fatty fish and greens.”

In August 2019, the reality star shared some exciting news with his fans while taking to Twitter. “Boom! It’s finally here! Introducing The Keto Guido Cookbook now available for preorder,” Vinny revealed in his announcement. “The keto diet has transformed my life and I’m confident it can do the same for you. Check out 100 of my favorite recipes and a 7-day meal plan.”

Vinny said that it’s all about moderation and he also previously addressed a big misconception about the diet. “Everyone thinks keto people eat bacon all day … three slices, three little pieces with my eggs, I’m good,” he shared.

Since then, the reality star has shared several ab-tastic before and after photos showcasing the strides he made. Vinny also said that he feels more confident than ever with his lean and toned appearance. “I’ve discovered the fountain of youth. When I ate sugars and grains I was 50 pounds heavier and looked 10 years older,” he revealed.

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Vinny’s mind-blowing weight loss transformation.

For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube!

Vinny Guadagnino joins KLG and Hoda with Mother's Day recipes

But for anyone looking for the comfort of home-cooked Italian with a keto-fied spin, Guadagnino includes plenty — from Italian Sausage Breakfast Casserole and Zucchini Roll Manicotti to Baked Chicken Caprese and Tiramisu.

Cabs are here! But the carbs are not.

Erica Chayes Wida is an award-winning journalist, food writer and recipe editor who helmed a local newspaper before joining TODAY's freelance team. A mother of two, she loves singing, collecting old vinyl and, of course, cooking. Erica is forever on a worldwide quest to find the best ham and cheese croissant and brainstorms best over a sauce pot of bubbling pasta sauce. Her work has been featured on BBC Travel, Saveur, Martha Stewart Living and PopSugar. Follow along on Instagram.

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino looks half the size he was in before and after weight loss photo while on keto diet

JERSEY Shore star Vinny Guadagnino is inspiring us to glow up during lockdown.

While many of us are reaching for the snacks, the reality television star revealed his own impressive weight loss on Instagram.

Looking a fraction of his previous weight, the MTV star explained that it may not have been noticeable on television but he has always struggled with his weight.

He shared a before and after image, after he shifted the pounds and got ripped, thanks to the Keto diet.

"A lot of people didn’t know that I struggled with my weight my whole life. I was the king of yo-yo dieting.I was my biggest during the years I was off TV so a lot of people didn’t realize," he captioned against the image.

"My genetics make me gain weight easily especially to high sugar/carb food.That being said I believe calories also matter.If you eat a surplus of calories a week you will gain weight and if you eat less calories than you burn you will usually lose weight (unless you’re in too much of a deficit and your body goes into starvation)," he continued.

He went on to explain more about his philosophy on weight loss.

"So if you figure out how many calories you need to eat a day and be in a deficit,you will lose weight.The question is,what types of foods are those calories made up of? Are you high carb/low fat ? High protein / low fat ? I prefer low carb/ moderate protein/ high fat with #cleanketo. " he wrote.
"I do this for a few reasons :1) i don’t react well to sugar. It bloats me,makes me feel groggy and lethargic, and i feel that it makes me fat easily.2)I’m an Italian foodie so I LOVE the taste of food.So I need fat in my diet to create delicious meals while still eating clean(ie. a ribeye steak and creamed spinach over grilled chicken and quinoa)

"3.)I have more sustainable energy over long periods of time.I don’t feel groggy and I have more mental clarity."

The star, who previously revealed that he lost 50 lbs on Keto, continued his essay.

"I don’t walk around starving because the food is sustainable.I enjoy fasting so i need food that will fill me up during my fasts. I find that higher carb diets make me feel hungry during my fasting hours.

"4)I believe that #cleanketo (meats and greens)emulate how our hunter and gather ancestors ate,therefore how our bodies were evolved to eat . Hunting meat and gathering leaves ,seeds, etc while moving around all day on empty stomachs (exercise and fasting)," he wrote.

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Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Cutlets with Mustard Sauce

In the first season, Sammi "Sweetheart" picks a fight with Mike "The Situation" when he refuses to help clean up after cooking for his roommates. His retaliation: "From now on you are excluded from dinner then. You are excluded from surf and turf night. You are excluded from ravioli night. You are excluded from chicken cutlet night."

For more delicious versions of "The Situation"'s various dinner nights, we offer a luxe surf and turf, pecorino ravioli and cheese-stuffed chicken cutlets (pictured).

Is Vinny moving from Staten Island for a 'Jersey Shore' spinoff show?

With news of a Las Vegas spinoff show starring Vinny and Pauly happening, fans wondered if Vinny was leaving Staten Island behind for a permanent residency in Sin City. Well, you can take Vinny out of Staten Island, but you can never take Staten Island out of Vinny. The spinoff show was reportedly filmed while Vinny was doing his Chippendales residency in Vegas.

Vinny is still living primarily in Staten Island, in a home that is, of course, around the street from his mom. He did move from the home he filmed his talk show in for bigger digs, and he assisted his mom in getting another house too. 

Paola regularly visits her son&aposs home unannounced, but it seems like Vinny is okay with their arrangement, considering the fact that she still cooks for him. Though we do think that it&aposs a bit of a tragedy that Vinny denies some of her decadent Italian food in favor of his keto-acceptable foods.

Watch the video: Jersey Shore S02E08 - The Way Italians Cook (May 2022).